The 3QCT, Bunny & Butch

Our logo is officially called the “Three Quarter-Circle T”. It’s the livestock brand that’s been in the Tanner family for over 200 years. The last one to use the brand in my immediate family was my dad. When he was in his 20’s he trained horses and had a trick horse named Bunny that traveled the west performing at rodeos and other events. Bunny was easily identified by this brand. 

So why use a livestock brand as my logo? The use of the term “brand” in marketing became popular in the early 1800s. “Brands” began to be related to trade, emotions and trust. What I do today is all about branding and building trust and strong brand reputations for my clients. Looking back in my family tree, one of my Tanner ancestors living in the Utah territory had established a profitable horse trade. They captured wild horses, breaking and training them to be sold as people moved west. Three Quarter-Circle T horses were highly desirable. They were known to be highly reliable, and fast as the wind.

During this time my family legacy has an interesting connection to Butch Cassidy and his gang. Butch often bought Three Quarter-Circle T horses from the Tanners in Utah. Generally after a train robbery when they were headed south to Mexico. Yes, The Wild Bunch were bad guys, but if you’re trying to outrun the Pinkerton Detective Agency (we’ll call them the competition), you better go with a brand you trust. The same goes in today’s modern world. If you want to be successful, you have to build a brand that delivers what your target is looking for. A brand that has a strong reputation. That’s what I do for my clients, so I thought it was only proper to bring back that brand that played a role in the wild west.

3QCT Bunny & Butch.png